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Medical Tourism Wiki is the leading interactive online guide about medical tourism and global healthcare. In our extensive directory, you can search and find hospitals and clinics across the world catering to international patients.

In the booming medical tourism industry, where health opportunities worldwide seem to jump at you, it is more important than ever to make the right choices. This is why Medical Tourism Wiki Ltd. was founded in 2019. Medical Tourism Wiki is designed as the number one directory and informational portal regarding medical treatment and healthcare abroad. We’re an unbiased guide aiming to provide you with all information necessary regarding international health and wellness providers. With our help, you can make an informed, secure, and affordable choice, just right for you.

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Today, many international patients demand trustworthy, cost-effective, and advanced healthcare that might not be available locally. The dream of combining health solutions and elective procedures (be it dental procedurescosmetic surgerycancer treatment, or orthopedics), with an exotic vacation makes the opportunity even more attractive. On the Medical Tourism Wiki website, you will find extensive information regarding all countries offering these services, together with informative profiles on all healthcare providers, medical facilities, and wellness institutions. We are dedicated to finding the best treatment options for you in IndiaPoland, Turkey or Thailand.

Medical Tourism Wiki is unique

Our unique concept, with a fully interactive website, is created so that you can interact with medical and healthcare providers, and other people interested in treatment and surgery abroad, and take part in reviews and comments from private persons that have undergone international treatment. Here you find insights, useful tips, and information regarding every possible procedure, and an opportunity to share your experience with others.


Medical Tourism Wiki is constantly updated with the latest information concerning the medical tourism industry and research within the healthcare field. We want to give you information that is relevant and up-to-date and hope that you will participate in our changeable and ever-growing community. Our expertise in the health travel field, together with our users’ stories and insights, make Medical Tourism Wiki the most comprehensive and truthful source of medical, health, and wellness solutions worldwide.

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