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Medical Tourism in Brazil

Medical Tourism in Brazil

Like Argentina, the devaluation of the Real (the Brazilian currency) against the US Dollar around the turn of the 21st Century, has made Brazil an attractive destination for medical tourism.

Brazilian healthcare centres

In recent years, Brazil has become internationally recognized for its medical centres performing high quality surgeries and healthcare treatments. Especially the private hospitals have an excellent reputation abroad.

The Brazilian market is gradually recognizing the potential of the English speaking international patients, and its players are trying to accommodate the needs of the overseas customers. Many hospitals are now employing an increased number of English-speaking staff, and applying for international accreditations. Together with United Arab Emirates, Turkey, the U.S. and Saudi Arabia; Brazil can with its over 20 medical centres, boost to have the highest number of JCI accredited centers in the world.

The Brazilian cosmetic surgeons are known for their professionalism and experience. Many of these have been trained in the U.S., and are usually certified by either the American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons or the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

Popular treatments and procedures in Brazil

As mentioned before, cosmetic and plastic surgery are the most popular procedures performed on international patients in Brazil. Dental treatments and hair transplants are also common. Popular medical procedures are neurosurgery, cardiac surgery, dermatology, obesity surgery and fertility treatment.

The cost of procedures in Brazil

The cost of medical procedures in Brazil is fundamentally lower than in the U.S. or Europe, but the prices are still higher in comparison to Thailand or India. The prices on cosmetic surgery are usually around 45-60% less than in the U.S.

Who should consider treatment in Brazil?

Brazil is for many synonymous with beautiful beaches, tasteful food, a vivid cultural life and smiling, dancing people. However, the country has districts with a high crime rate. Brazil is a Portuguese-speaking nation, and many locals have a difficult time understanding English. These are all things that should be considered before booking a trip to the country. However, Brazil is a perfect destination for patients who want to combine high quality international medical service with a relaxing recuperation by the beautiful Brazilian seaside.