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Medical Tourism in Croatia

Medical Tourism in Croatia

Croatia is slowly but surely growing as a medical tourism destination. The Central European country is now advertising its low-cost treatments and high standard of care at its hospitals and wellness institutions. As several of its neighbours, the potential of Croatia as a medical tourism destination is not only recognized by the healthcare providers, but also by the Croatian government, who is taking serious steps to market the country abroad. This is for instance seen in the Central and Eastern Medical Tourism Summit (CEEMTHS), a medical tourism conference held in 2010, meant to bring Croatia and its bordering countries together to showcase its agencies and providers to a global audience.


Healthcare institutions in Croatia

Croatia has plentiful institutions catering to international patients, with private hospitals and clinics being the most common. With dentistry being the most widespread treatment area, dental clinics are found throughout the country, with a concentration to the main metropolises Zagreb, Split and Dubrovnik.


Cost of medical tourism in Croatia

Croatia is yet a newcomer on the medical tourism and healthcare travel map; therefore the prices of treatments are still very competitive. The cost of medical and healthcare procedures is up to 50% cheaper than its counterpart in the U.S.


Popular treatments in Croatia

Medical travel in Croatia is mainly based on treatment areas such as cosmetic surgery, dentistry and spa and wellness. With Croatia’s long history of wellness retreats, rehabilitation resorts with state of the art facilities and equipment are very popular amongst foreigners. Currently, medical treatments are a limited area offered to international patients, however orthopaedic treatments and cardiology are becoming increasingly common.

The most sought-after treatment area by foreigners is dentistry, followed by cosmetic surgery; offering everything from breast augmentation, to liposuction and face-lifts.

Nationalities seeking healthcare in Croatia

In recent years, Croatia, with its pristine beaches, rich culture and popular Mediterranean cuisine, has become a sought-after tourist destination for Europeans. As more and more travellers visit the country, the interest for combining wellness and healthcare with vacation is growing. As with other medical tourism destinations, the majority of the international patients visiting Croatia come from neighbouring countries, with Russians being the most common.