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Medical Tourism in Germany


Due to its spas and thermal baths, Germany has an old tradition of medical travellers visiting the country. Today, it is one of the leading destinations for medical tourism in Europe. Currently, between 450,000 and 500,000 tourists visit Germany annually for some kind of health related holiday. The country is now doing its outmost to attract more visitors. In 2010, the German National Tourist Board launched a tourist campaign taking place during 2011, focusing on health and medical tourism.


Healthcare institutions in Germany

Germany is generally regarded to possess some of the finest medical facilities in Europe. Their thermal wellness institutions are well known outside the country, and the abundance of sanatoriums in German history is still prevalent.

Cost of medical tourism in Germany

Receiving medical or wellness treatment in Germany is by no chance as cheap as in Asia or Latin America. Western salaries make it hard to compete even with its eastern European neighbours. However, the state of the art facilities, topped with a high service level and wonderful opportunities for recuperation at a luxury spa and wellness resort, entices many international patient to pay a little extra. For European medical travellers the proximity to Germany also means less transportation expenses. Some treatments can still be very cheap though, and sometimes as little as one fifth of the price compared to the U.S.

Popular treatments in Germany

There are few treatments or procedures that Germany does not offer its international patients. However, the country is unmistakably famous for its healthy climate, healing waters, countless spas and health resorts offering a rich menu of various mind-refreshing and reinvigorating programmes.


Nationalities seeking German healthcare

Most tourists coming to Germany for medical or wellness treatments are coming from its neighbouring countries in Europe. However, the long waiting lines in the U.K., and the low prices in comparison to the U.S. makes these two nationalities abundant.