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Dental Clinics in Hungary

Why choose Dental Tourism in Hungary?  

Dental tourism in Hungary has become a popular choice for patients from Western Europe and the US seeking dental treatment for a less cost than what you would pay back home. This trend is not surprising as dentists in Hungary are renowned for their excellent professionalism and dental skills working at state of the art clinics. What more, you can enjoy get a complete dental makeover inclusive of airfare, a scenic tour, a hotel booking, and leisure activities and still save up to 75% of the cost of dental procedures than what you would spend at a dental clinic in the US or the UK. Popular treatments for dental tourism in Hungary include dental implants, veneers, dental crowns, bridges, fillings, dentures, anesthesia, and teeth whitening procedures.


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How long is a Dental Trip to Hungary?

Going for a dental trip in Hungary usually takes from 3-7 days depending on the dental procedures that the patients undergoes. Dental implants can usually take anywhere from a day up to 6 months depending on the type of procedure and if more than one fitting is needed.

Cost Comparison of Dental Treatments in Hungary

Expect to do great cost savings when traveling to Hungary for dental treatments in comparison to what you would pay at home. Dental Implants in Hungary can start from as low as around 320 GBP or around 520 USD. In the UK, the same treatment could cost around 555 GBP or around 900 USD. Teeth whitening procedures generally costs around 190 GBP inclusive of dental hygenic checkup and services in Hungary, while costing at least the double in the UK or the US. Britesmile whitening can start as low as 50 USD in Hungary, while costing 100 USD in the UK and 700 USD in the US. Composite fillings usually starts at 25 USD in Hungary, while costing around 150 USD for treatments in the US or UK.

What are the Benefits of Dental Tourism in Hungary?

One of the great advantages with traveling to Hungary for your dental procedure is the cost savings of up to 75% for dental procedures that Hungary will offer in comparison to countries in Western Europe. Even with the cost of an airline ticket and accomodation, Hungary has a lot to offer in comparison with having a dental treatment back home. If you are already located in Europe, then most likely it would not take more than 4 hours to travel to Budapest. For example, it would take only around one hour to get to Budapest from Venice, Italy or two hours from Heathrow, England to Budapest, Hungary. It would take almost around the same time for a patient from one area of England to drive to another area for a dental treatment. Also, there is the sightseeing and traveling perks where patients get to visit Hungary’s cultural beauty which is worth a vacation in itself. The Hungarian dental clinics are also usually staffed with worldclass dentists accredited with memberships in international organizations. Graduating from dentistry programs in Hungary is already almost an insurance of the quality of treatment you will receive in itself because the dental programs in Hungary are renowned especially in this field.

Things to be Aware of about Dental Tourism in Hungary

Although dental tourism in Hungary is a great alternative to having dental procedures at home, there are things that patients have to be aware of. Before traveling to Hungary for your dental treatment, you should do some research about the possibilities for dental treatments in Hungary and compare one provider against another. The Novasans clinic directory, presenting a wide range of dental clinics in and around Budapest, is an excellent start for any research. On Novasans, you can contact dental clinics directly for price quotations. You should also make sure that the clinic is legitimate by talking to a representative in person. Always discuss the procedures you want carefully as a malpractice proceeding in Hungary can take as long as 6 years to go through.

Another possibility is to contact a medical tour operator, also called a medical agency, which is specialized in accommodating dental tourists to Hungary. Search the Novasans directory to find and contact medical travel agents directly. Search our extensive directory for reviews and testimonials by other patients before booking your clinic of choice or write up one of your own to share your experiences!

Dental Tourism in Budapest

Budapest, the capital of Hungary, is the most popular destination for dental tourism and tourism in general. Budapest is also considered the “dental capital” of Europe. Some of the main dental treatments usually conducted in Budapest are aesthetic dental prosthesis, tooth rehabilitation, and cosmetic dentistry. Budapest is also popular amongst Europeans due to the city being easily accessible by airline with its airport located only about 28 kilometers from the city and only a few hours of air time from most parts of Europe. The dental clinics in Budapest also cater to dental tourism with the ease of free shuttle bus services to the clinics. The clinics are also usually coupled up with accomodations in Budapest that offer discounts for patients so they can have a choice to stay in the country with their families during the treatment and enjoy sightseeing or touring in Budapest.

Attractions in Hungary

If you do decide to choose Hungary as your destination for dental adventure, don’t forget to try some Goulas or Hungarian Meat stew with little dried cubes of meat cooked with onion. Hungarian food is mostly pork or beef-based. The Buda Castle is amongst one of the most popular attraction in Hungary as it holds the Hungarian National Gallery, the Matthias Church, and the City Park all in one area. Hungary is also very noted for its spa culture and one of the most popular pastime activities for visitors in Hungary is to visit the thermal springs. Other than that, Hungary also has more than two hundred caves for travelers to visit.

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