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Medical Tourism in Mexico

As a destination for medical tourism, Mexico has the advantage of the U.S. border. Every weekend, scores of North Americans flood across the border with aim of having a quick and cheap dental work done, or smaller cosmetic surgeries. The low travel costs, together with the minimal cultural differences for most Americans in comparison with travelling to a more distant destination, draws both Americans and Canadians.


Prices on treatments

The price savings in comparison to having your treatment at an American hospital is generally around 50%, however, some procecures can be as much as 70% cheaper in Mexico than in the U.S.

Popular treatments in Mexico

Dental and plastic surgery procedures have long been the most sought after treatments by U.S. patients. However, more medical treatments are now being performed on international patients. Orthopaedic procedures are increasingly becoming popular, as well as bariatric surgery for weight loss. Eye surgeries and cardiac surgeries are also growing in numbers.

The Mexican healthcare facilities

Today, Mexico offers many private healthcare facilities that are similar in quality and care to those in the U.S. There are other surpluses, such as the cost of medicine being half of its counterpart in the U.S. or Canada. The waiting times are generally non-existent. Many facilities or medical tour operators also offer full medical packages with accommodation and aftercare away from the urban areas after the treatment.

The location of healthcare facilities in Mexico

Mexico’s most prominent hospitals and clinics are situated in Mexico CityMonterrey and Guadalajara. However, with the growing number of American (as well as Mexican-Americans returning home to their family doctor or dentist), many new clinics have opened up close to the U.S. borders, in cities like Mexicali, Laredo and Tijuana. Tijuana boasts several excellent clinics catering to patients coming for cosmetic surgery procedures, such as breast surgeries, face lifts, liposuction and tummy tucks.

The future of Mexican medical tourism

With more and more U.S. retirees settling in Mexico, the demand for more hospitals catering to Americans, and improved standards in quality and care, is increased. About 500,000 people each month visit Baja California in Mexico alone. Roughly 85% of these come from California. As the U.S. population ages, this new market is growing by the day. The question about getting American Medicare in Mexico has been discussed immensely. If such a proposal would come true, Mexico will have an even more prosperous future for medical tourism.