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Medical Tourism in Poland

Medical Tourism in Poland

Poland is one of Eastern Europe’s most brightest shining medical tourism destinations. Poland’s rising international healthcare industry depends on several factors. The accession to the European Union (EU), the increased number of budget airlines flying to Poland, the comparatively low cost for medical and dental treatments, and an increased awareness of the country as a tourism destination are all factors that have spurred the growth of the industry.

Since joining the EU in 2004, a large number of private health and dentistry clinics have seeked opportunity to collaborate with both national health services of other EU member states and private medical travel operators, sending patients directly to the facilities. Today, there are a large number of privately owned medical institutions, even though many of the facilities still are state-owned. Currently, no medical institutions in Poland hold JCI Accreditation.

Cost of medical tourism in Poland

The major incitement for international patients to travel to Poland for treatment is the low cost. The cost savings to be done are usually 50% or more.

Popular treatments in Poland

Poland is above all famous for attracting patients seeking dental and cosmetic procedures. Major medical surgeries are on the other hand not so common for foreign patients. Some of the most common procedures in Poland are larger dental works, breast augmentation, facelifts, liposuctions and orthopaedic treatments.


Nationalities seeking Polish healthcare

The close proximity to other European countries, and the cheap airfare are speaking in Poland’s favour. The destination is above all a popular destination for Western and Northern European medical tourists. Many of these come from Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and England. An increasing number of patients also cross the border from neighbouring Russia. In 2006 alone, around 450,000 foreign tourists who wanted to make use of the Polish medical services visited the country.

Other attractions

While recuperating from a medial or health procedure, many visitors stay in Poland to enjoy some of its rich culture and beautiful natural scenery, historic locations or other outdoor activities.