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Clinics in Poland

Why Choose Clinics in Poland?

Poland is one of the preferred destinations for medical tourism along with Hungary because of its convenient location and great cost savings up to 75% compared to its neighboring European countries and the US in many treatments. The clinics in Poland are moderated by highly qualified practitioners in worldclass facilities with the latest equipments. Communication wouldn’t be a big problem for US citizens or European neighbors visiting the country as English, German, and Russian is spoken in Poland.

Quick Summary Points to Clinics in Poland

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Popular treatments for medical tourists in Poland

The top popular treatments in Poland’s clinics include dentistryplastic surgery, and diagnostic imaging. Other treatments that are also widely conducted by foreign patients in Poland include orthopedic surgeries, ophthalmology, ENT, hair transplantation, oncology, weight loss surgeryheart surgery, gastroenterology, dermatology, and endocrinology.

Cost comparison of various treatments in Poland

When traveling to Poland for various medical treatments, dental and plastic surgery procedures, you can make great savings. For instance, while obtaining dental implants cost around 1,500-2,800 USD in the US, and even a whopping 3,700 USD in the UK, you can get dental implants in Poland for as little as 730 USD. While a breast augmentation in the UK would cause around 7,600 USD, a breast augmentation in Poland would only cost around 3,700 USD, which is almost 50% worth of savings. The cost of arthroscopy in Poland is only around 920 USD, which is almost 80% in savings compared to the same procedure in the UK at the cost of 4,200 USD.

Why Choose Clinics over Hosptials in Poland?

As many clinics in Poland cater particularly to medical tourist, many also offer very attractive medical packages with accommodation for international patients. Many Polish clinics may also possess more technologically advanced treatments that have not yet been implemented in hospitals due to them being on clinical trials. This offer patients with problems such as multiple sclerosis to have a better chance of finding alternative treatments to their illnesses. Hospitals may also have a longer waiting time for treatments than clinics that solely cater to international patients.

Naczelna Izba Lekarska

All healthcare professionals in Poland are required to pass the National Medical Exam and be registered and licensed with the The Naczelna Izba Lekarska or the Chamber of Physicians and Dentists. This association sits very well with the European Union and is recognized in many European countries.

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