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Dental Clinics in Poland

Why Choose Dental Tourism in Poland?

If you are seeking value in dental treatments, do not overlook Poland, which is a popular destination for dental tourism amongst Europeans and Americans. You can get a wide range of quality treatments and save up to 75% of the cost of dental procedures you would in comparison to what you would pay in the UK or the US.  There are plenty of state-of-the-art dental clinics in Poland famous for their excellent professional skills, and patients can usually get a complete dental makeover inclusive of airfare, a scenic tour, a hotel booking, and leisure activities and still save up to 75% of the cost of dental procedures than what you would spend going to a dental clinic in the US or UK. Popular treatments for dental tourism in Poland include dental implants, veneers, dental crowns, bridges, fillings, dentures, anesthesia, and tooth whitening procedures.

How long is the Duration of a Dental Trip to Poland?

A dental trip to Poland usually takes from 3-7 days depending on the procedures that the patients undergoes. Dental implants can usually take anywhere from a day up to 6 months depending on the type of procedure and if more than one fitting is needed.


Cost Comparison of Dental Treatments in Poland

A dental treatment in Poland, on an average, cost 75% less than what you would pay for the same procedure in the UK or the US. A porcelain bonded crown could cost around 550 GBP in the UK and around 890 USD in America and be on an average, only 235 GBP or around 380 USD in the US; roughly about half the cost in Poland.


What are the Benefits of Dental Tourism in Poland?

Other than saving up to 75% of the cost in treatments to countries such as the US or the UK, Poland has its strength in that English is spoken in the main centrals alongside with German and Russian. The implants made in Polands are usually very durable and most dental clinis have the latest equipment and technology which guarantees value for less cost.


Things to be Aware of about Dental Tourism in Poland?

Although getting your teeth corrected in Poland is a great alternative to having dental procedures at home, there are issues that patients should be aware of. Before traveling to another country for a treatment, you should do some research about the clinic that you are about to visit. The dental clinic of your choice should be legitimate. Just because the clinic seems to have a professional website, does not necessarily mean that it is a reliable or even existing institution. Make sure not to pay any fees upfront before receiving your dental treatment. Another choice is to book your treatment through a medical tour operator. A medical tour operator is a service provider or agency solely committed to helping patients connect to clinics across the world. Since these will have more experience they will be able to help you save as much as you can without compromising your treatment qualities. Just make sure your medical tour operator of choice is also a valid one.


The weather in Poland varies through the season with very hot summers and cold snowy winters so checking up on the weather before going to Poland is well advised. It is also proper to calculate the hidden costs that may arise apart from the accomodation, treatment fee, and travel expenses such as eating expenses, trip touring, taxes and such things that may factor into the increase of the cost of your treatments. Search our extensive directory for reviews and testimonials by other patients before booking your clinic of choice or write up a testimonial of your own to share your experiences!


Dental Tourism in Warsaw and Krakow

The current capital of Poland is Warsaw (Warszawa) but the old capital used to be Krakow. Warsaw is considered more of the political and business hub while Krakow is a UNESCO Cultural World Heritage site. This means that there are dental clinics and healthcare facilities located in large amount in both cities. In Warsaw, there are also buildings from the Renaissance, Gothic and Baroque periods to visit.


Attractions in Poland

There are many tour operators in Poland that include packages with dental treatments, airfare, accommodation, and other leisure tours. You can visit the Baltic Sea, the Tatra Mountains, and their National Park or try out their traditional Polish dishes. Pork and fish dishes are very popular in Poland including dishes that include pikes, carps, eels, and sturgeons.  A popular polish dish also include Pierogi, a traditional staple of dough with cheese, potatoes, onions, cabbages, and other ingredients mashed up together that is boiled or fried, taken with sour cream. Also, don’t forget to try out their Polish Cheesecake called Sernik or their Apple Tarts if you happen to choose Poland as your destination for your dental treatments.

Recommended Dental Clinics in Poland

Some of the recommend dental healthcare providers in Poland include Villa Nova Dental Clinic and Wielmed Medical Clinic amongst others. Some healthcare operators that specialize in dental tourism especially in Poland also include Polish Charm and Med-Appointment. Search our healthcare directory to find more healthcare providers and tour operators relating especially to dental treatments catering to your need in Poland!