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Why Breast Augmentation and Implants in Thailand?

If you’ve searched for destinations for undergoing Breast Augmentation abroad, you should consider Thailand as one of the top destination of choice

Why Thailand?

There are a number of reasons making Thailand a great choice for Breast Augmentation operations. In a nutshell these are:

  1. Skilled breast surgeons
  2. High quality of breast augmentation products and medical services
  3. Great healing vacation
  4. Great value for money  

Skilled Thai Breast Surgeons

Thailand’s booming medical tourism industry and high level of demand have created over the past few years a steady supply of highly qualified and experienced Plastic Surgeons, many of whom choose to specialize in particular procedures that are often not readily available or affordable elsewhere.

Thai Plastic Surgeons often Specialize in Breast Augmentation

Thai breast surgeons are proficient not only is standard breast augmentations but also in more complex submuscular implant placements.

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Breast Augmentation Complications and Post-Surgery Treatment

A further point to consider is the post-surgery treatment. Complications, although rare, are always a risk with any form of surgery. Having an expert plastic surgeon at your side with a vast body of experience to rely on can make the difference between minor unpleasantness and far graver situations. As patients.’, we have the right and the responsibility to ensure that we obtain the best treatment for our body. After all – we only have one. Thailand is an excellent opportunity to have your procedure performed by an expert surgeon at an affordable cost.

Availability of Equipment

Thailand offers access to equipment and implants that are unavailable elsewhere:

Gummy Implants in Thailand

A classic example are “Gummy Implants, new implants based on technologically advanced materials that are light years ahead of traditional Saline and Silicone models. These are already available in most of Thailand’s leading plastic surgery wards, but are still waiting for approval in the USA. Standard implants, such the “Mentor” brand, are easy to come by as well.


Luxurious Vacation

Many patients enjoy combining the Breast Augmentation procedure with a relaxing convalescence and healing vacation in what is one of the world’s prime holiday destinations. Thailand makes a great vacation spot for all types of people and taste. It’s been appearing in the global ranking of the world’s top travel destinations for years.

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What to do

Thailand offers entertainment ranging from cultural experiences of traditional values to wild partying. When you add some of the prettiest beaches and mountains in the world and legendary shopping malls and markets, it’s easy to see why people are so excited about holidays in Thailand.

Thai Shopping Savings can Cover the Cost of Your Trip

Many travelers cover the entire cost of their trip through the savings they gain by shopping in Thailand’s bargain markets.

Culinary Paradise

Thai cuisine is world famous for its bold use of flavors and ingredients. Bangkok, Thailand’s capital, offers a gastronomic explosion of foods from all over the world for you to enjoy. So whether you enjoy the typical Western cuisine, fast food, or want to try the Asian delights and delicacies of the street food, Bangkok has plenty of both worlds for you.

Great Value for Money in Thailand

If you’re living in the US, Australia or Europe, it may well be that breast augmentation is a prospect you can only dream of but not afford. The prices of breast surgeries are unnaturally lifted due to the simple fact that breast augmentations are surgical procedures not covered by medical insurers.

Thailand – Your Inexpensive Breast Augmentation Opportunity

The cost of breast enlargement procedures in Thailand can be 50-70% cheaper than comparable breast surgery in the US, Australia, or UK. While a breast augmentation procedure typically costs around $7,000 in the US, the cost of breast augmentation in the finest international hospitals in Thailand, including airfare and accommodation, is usually around only $3,000. Not to mention that you can easily afford the best surgeons in the department, a luxury most of us will never experience in the US.


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