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Clinics in Thailand

Why Choose Clinics in Thailand?

Thailand is known to be one of the top destinations of choice when it comes to medical tourism with its cost savings value of almost 50-80% in comparison to the same treatments you would get in the US or UK. With top JCI-accredited and ISO-certified hospitals bearing the facilities of a 5-star hotel, why would clinics in Thailand also be an option you would want to explore?

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Quick Summary Points for Clinics in Thailand

Popular Treatments in Thailand

Some of the popular treatments that Thailand hospitals are famous for are gender reassignment, plastic surgery, laser skincare, ophthalmology, and dentistry. Some of the treatments that people usually prefer clinics to hospitals in Thailand also include dentistry, laser eye surgery, non-surgical skin care, and non-surgical weight loss treatments, and dermatology.  

Cost comparisons of treatments in Thailand

Depending on treatment types, you can save up to 50-80% in comparison to what you would pay for the same treatment in the UK or the US. A facelift procedure in Thailand can cost around 3,000-4,000 USD while you can pay from 7,000-15,000 USD for the same treatment in the US. A tummy tuck also starts at around 3,000-8,500 in the US/UK while usual fees in Thailand are 3,500 USD or less.

Why Clinics in Thailand over Hospitals?

A great advantage of choosing clinics over hospitals in Thailand is the royalty treatments you usually get. As hospitals are more focused on their general treatment as a whole, you do not always get the staff catering to your every need and specific request (unless you have chosen an upscale top-notch hospital) but in a clinic, you will usually get the best of customer service. Also, the better-known clinics in Thailand are usually like samller hospitals in size with all types of advanced technology and options that even hospitals may lack.

The dental clinics and LASIK clinics in Thailand for example, are equipped with the best and latest advancement in technology and fully focused and specialized in their field. Most of the time, clinics are also run or started up by doctors that work in big hospitals so you would get practitioners with the same or more specialized skills for a lower cost than in upscale hospitals.

Concerns about Clinics in Thailand

Although a majority of clinics in Thailand hold a very high standard, not all clinics in Thailand may be legitimate or up to par. Some dingy “clinics” may be set up without proper regulations and hygienic standards. Also, some procedures are not recommended to be handled by clinics, such as life-threatening procedures or major operations that might lead to rare complications. Hospitals are more set to handle emergencies than clinics, which are sometimes not as equipped to do so.  Prices may vary from each individual clinic to clinic, so you may not always get cheaper treatments than you would in hospital even though this is usually the case.

Recommended Clinics in Thailand


Some of the recommended clinics in Thailand for dental procedures include the Bangkok Smile Dental Clinic (BSDC), the Bangkok International Dental Center (BIDC), the Bangkok Dental Spa, and DentaJoy clinic. Top clinics and centers for LASIK treatments include the TRSC International LASIK Center, the Rutnin-Gimbel Excimer Laser Eye Center, and the Laser Vision-Professional LASIK Center.  The Preecha Aesthetic Institute (PAI) is also one of the top clinics for plastic aesthetic surgery in Thailand.

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