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Hospitals in Thailand

Thailand is one of the leading healthcare destinations in South East Asia, famous for its booming medical tourism industry. Since the early 2000’s, the number of international fly-in patients flocking Thai hospitals has steadily increased by the year, according to some sources reaching above a million international patients per year. However, due to the lack of proper statistics and reports, it is difficult to tell exactly how many of these are actual medical tourists.

Medical tourists and international patients are drawn to Thailand due to its low cost yet high quality of medical treatments and elective procedures (such as plastic surgery, LASIK and dental), along with state-of-the-art medical facilitiesno waiting times, experienced and internationally trained physicians, and the famous Thai hospitality






Stay in a 5-star Thai Hospital

Thailand boasts over 1,000 public hospitals and over 316 private hospitals. Many of the latter are focused on accommodating international patients. Bumrungrad Hospital alone treats over 400,000 international patients per year. In 2000, The World Health Organization ranked the Thai healthcare system as number 47 in the world. On average, Thailand’s large body of international medical facilities, spread out across the country, holds the highest international standards. Many international patients can account for their stay in hospitals similar to staying at a 5-star hotel. When for instance stepping in to the lobby of Thai hospitals such as Samitivej Sukhumvit, Bumrungrad and Bangkok Hospital Bangkok, you will find yourself enjoying the tunes of a man playing the grand piano while waiting for your appointment. And should you be unsatisfied with the vast menu options served to you in your ward room, you can always order in from McDonalds, Le Bon Pain, Starbucks or another of the international food chains located within many of the hospital buildings.

Services for International Patients at Thai Hospitals

In order to attract more international patients, Thai hospitals are surprisingly creative in their means of servicing their clients. Most international Thai hospitals provide an international department with interpreters coordinating international patients’ stay all the way from the initial inquiry to the follow-up check, and continue to communicate with the patient back home to monitor the healing process. But apart from this comprehensive service, Thai hospitals also provide specialized assistance for every need of international patients.

Translation Services at Thai Hospitals
Today, most international Thai hospitals can present a large body of international interpreters, communicating with foreigners in their own language, such as Arabic, Bengali, French, German, Japanese, Mandarin, Chinese, Korean, Swedish and Vietnamese. Many provide designated registration corners for Arabs, Muslim prayer rooms, and sometimes even certain closed off areas and wards only for Muslims.

Travel Services at Thai Hospitals
If you prefer to have someone else arranging your trip to Thailand, you can leave this in the hands of the hospitals, which will book and arrange your entire journey, including airfare, accommodation in Thailand, tours, airport pick-up and other transportation. Bangkok Hospital even has a registration and information counter in the Suvarnhabumi Airport’s arrival hall to greet new patients directly when they enter Thai soil.

Shopping inside Thai Hospitals
If you get bored of lying in your hospital bed, or have forgotten to bring flowers when visiting a patient, you needn’t worry.  Most international Thai hospitals provide a range of shops within the premises, such as flower boutiques, bookstores, health food stores, and baby shops. And if you run out of money after your shopping spree, you can just walk over the nearest bank or ATM, also located within the hospital walls.

Popular treatments for medical tourists in Thai hospitals

Hospital Accreditation in Thailand

Many international hospitals in Thailand realized the value of international hospital accreditation early on. As of today, a total of 34 Thai hospitals and hospital programs have received the Joint Commission International hospital accreditation. Thailand also has its own national hospital accreditation system, called HACC or HA (Hospital Accreditation), which a larger body of Thai medical facilities possess. Since a few years, Bangkok Hospital Bangkok also has the TEMOS certification, only given to medical facilities showing an excellent handling of medical tourists.

Largest International Hospitals in Thailand

Bangkok Hospital Group

Bangkok Hospital was the first private medical institution in Thailand, and is today a leader of health care development inside the kingdom, aiming to broaden its services and facilities outside of the country borders. Bangkok Hospital Group is Thailand’s largest hospital operator, with 13 hospital branches throughout Thailand. Bangkok Hospital Bangkok is the flagship hospital, renown for its cardiac and oncology departments.

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Bumrungrad Hospital

Bumrungrad Hospital is the largest private hospital in South East Asia, providing over 550 beds and 30 specialist centers. The hospital was founded in 1980, and is very popular amongst Bangkok expats as well as fly-in patients. Bumrungrad focuses on medical tourism, accommodating over 400,000 international patients per year, about 40% of its total body of patients. In total, visitors from 190 countries have come to Bumrungrad for treatment, proving that the hospital is one of the most international environments in Thailand.

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Yanhee Hospital

Yanhee Hospital prides itself to be the leader of plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures in Thailand. With a large cosmetic surgery department of about 15 plastic surgeons, Yanhee hospital performs tens of thousands of plastic surgery procedures per year. Boasting one of the biggest dental centers in Thailand and a popular Laser Eye Surgery center, Yanhee Hospital is a one-stop center for health and beauty. Yanhee Hospital also has some of the most competitive prices for plastic surgery in Thailand, and has served patients from over 140 nationalities.

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Phuket International Hospital

Phuket International Hospital is one of Southern Thailand’s largest medical facilities, providing acute care hospital services within general and specialty medical services along with plastic surgery, LASIK and dental services. Due to its location in one of the most popular areas for tourists in Thailand, Phuket International Hospital serves a large body of international patients, both through acute and immediate care, and for medical tourists that have planned their procedure beforehand. Its popular Phuket International Aesthetic Center provides services within dermatology, plastic surgery and aesthetics.

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Thai Doctors

Most doctors in Thailand are specialists within one certain medical area. This means that it sometimes can be difficult to find an all-round general practitioner to treat minor medical problems. Many Thai doctors also do not have one specific work place. Instead, most Thai physicians and surgeons have different working schedules at different medical facilities. Doctors therefore go from one hospital to another to do their rounds and see patients. In addition, many of them have their own private clinics. This should be taken into account when scheduling an appointment with a doctor, which may only be available at a particular hospital one or two days per week.



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