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Medical Tourism in Turkey

With its strategic position at the cross roads of Europe and Asia, Turkey has been a tourist destination for centuries. With recent years deliberate effort to build state of the art hospitals across the country, Turkey has lately become an excellent option for international patients.

In Turkey, the Ministry of Health owns and operates around 55% of all the country’s hospitals, the rest is owned mainly by universities and private organizations. Of the approximately 1,200 hospitals and clinics, almost 40 have JCI accreditation, and many also hold ISO and affiliations with Western medical groups. Having one of the largest numbers of JCI accredited facilities in the world; Turkey boosts a reputation as one of the major medical tourism destinations. Independent associations, such as TAHA (Turkish Accredited Hospitals Association) and TMA (Turkish Medical Association) also look after and promote high quality standards among the medical community. Therefore, healthcare in Turkey is considered very sophisticated and modern.

All hospitals catering to foreign patients have English-speaking staff, and many doctors are of course members of organizations in accordance to their specialities. However, in comparison to some of the rivalling medical tourism destinations, English might not be as widely spoken by all hospital staff.

Cost of medical tourism in Turkey

The cost of elective health and beauty treatments are considerably lower than for instance Europe or the U.S. Plastic surgery procedures range between 40-70% percent cheaper than in Europe, orthopedic surgeries are about 50% cheaper, and dental procedures can be as much as 70% cheaper in Turkey compared to western Europe or the U.S.

Popular treatments in Turkey

Turkey has a long historical tradition of healing through water. Its thermal spas were famous even by the Romans. Today, many international clients and patients still come for the well bringing thermal facilities. Today, Turkey is also known for its high number of Eye Centres performing Eye surgeries such as LASIK. Other popular treatments in Turkey are plastic surgery procedures, stem cell transplantations, dentistry and fertility treatment.

Nationalities seeking Turkish healthcare

Turkey is a very popular country for Europeans coming from England, Germany, the Netherlands, Russia, Ukraine and Bulgaria. Many patients also come from the Middle East and the Arab countries.

Who should come to Turkey for global healthcare?

Due to its geographical position, Turkey is an excellent destination for medical tourists travelling from Europe or the Middle East. With its large number of cost effective JCI accredited medical facilities, Turkey suits patients who want high quality healthcare at a competitive price level.


Turkey’s future as a medical tourism destination

Turkey is currently seeking membership in the European Union. Therefore, both private healthcare institutions and government facilities are in the middle of a rigorous quality, security and technical control and implementation. Due to this, Turkey is expected to become even more attractive as a global health destination by 2024.