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Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery in the Philippines with Dr. Arnold Angeles

Dr. Arnold Angeles is one of the Philippines’ most respected plastic surgeons, operating his own plastic surgery clinic in Quezon City, Philippines. Last week, Novasans had the unique opportunity of receiving an exclusive interview with Dr. Angeles, where he shares the story behind his success in the plastic surgery industry and his aspiration to serve his patients with impeccable service and a professional hand.

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Dr. Arnold Angeles, tell us about your medical background and how you decided to pursue plastic surgery as your main medical focus?

I started as a General Surgeon focusing on cancer surgery and surgical intensive care. I have removed a lot of cancer tumors and improved the lives of many patients.  But, there was more to this career… I wanted to do more.  I wanted to be able to reconstruct the entire defect I have created, improving the lives of patients even better.  Then, it started.  I realized, with all the exposures and experiences with my previous commitment in general surgery, my skills automatically complemented surgical skills in cosmetic surgery.  It has worked very well indeed.  Although some things have changed, others remained the same.  I still improve lives, almost in a similar way as before… but now, it starts with improving their self-confidence, and everything follows.

dr. arnold angeles plastic surgery philippinesWhat services and procedures does Dr. Arnold Angeles offer patients and what is your specialty?

My Specialty is in body contouring (liposuction, augmentations and facial rejuvenation surgeries). These things can be easy to do, but I always do them with utmost safety, good planning and strict follow-through care.  Best results and experience always follows.

Although Dr. Arnold Angeles clinic specializes in plastic surgery, do you also offer dermatology treatments and non-invasive procedures such as Botox and facial fillers?

Yes, I do offer non-surgical procedures like botox and fillers.  These are my armamentarium to shape the face without surgery.

Can a patient receive a general estimated price quote of what the treatment/procedure will cost even before coming to the clinic for an initial consultation and evaluation?

Yes. An estimated price quote is always given upon the initial email thread conversation.  My costs have no hidden charges and are always transparent so that you know what you pay for.

For your international patients, can Dr. Arnold Angeles’ clinic also assist with accommodation recommendations during their stay in the Philippines?

Yes.  I completely understand the experience of international patients.  We always strive to make their stay here very hospitable, warm and safe.  We can provide airport pick-up/send-off and hotel/condotel stay with a very affordable price.

Does Dr. Arnold Angeles clinic offer surgery packages for the patients, and if so what kind of packages are available?

Yes, I offer packages.  For me, it’s a simple way to pay things without all the details. Although I also provide an itemized costing for the patient’s reference.

Does Dr. Arnold Angeles clinic have its own surgical theatre or are the plastic surgeries performed somewhere else?

dr. arnold angeles plastic surgery philippinesI perform my surgeries in a hospital setting (St. Luke’s Global Hospital). There are comments that a hospital stay is more expensive than a clinic stay. For me, no matter how good the clinic is, nothing compares with the universal safety precautions and patient care and comfort in a hospital setting.  It is always a wise investment for any surgical procedure, especially for international patients.  Surgical skill is not a joke and I have a lot of experience with it.

Which countries do most of Dr. Arnold Angeles’ international patients come from?

My practice caters to 70% international and 30% local clients. Most international patients come from Canada, South America, South Africa, Texas, UK, Japan, Singapore, UAE and HongKong.

Does Dr. Arnold Angeles clinic offer any follow-up consultation for the patients should they request this when they are back in their home countries?

Clinic or follow up sequence are done through email, viber and skype. Except for Singapore where I visit my clients every other month.

The Philippines is becoming increasingly popular as a plastic surgery destination. What are the benefits of traveling to the Philippines for plastic surgery or a dermatology procedure?

The main benefit here is the comfort and hospitality.  Most Filipinos treat others as family and wants to be admired in how they put others first before themselves.

Lastly, why should international patients choose to travel to the Philippines to enjoy your plastic surgery services?

This is a very important question. Although the Philippines is still a 3rd world country, out expertise is at par with almost any plastic surgeons.  We take our training seriously.  We always prioritize result that is achieved with competent surgery and safe surgery.  We also provide choices and cater the procedure to the needs of the patient…not the other way around — catering the patients to the surgery in a boxed-typed surgical process.

Other treatments offered by Dr. Arnold Angeles:

  • Ulthera – a non surgical procedure for face lifting.  Not all patients require a surgical procedure.  Most of them need the right treatment to get the right results.
  • Body contouring with latest body cavitation machine.  This is also a non-surgical procedure that improves body contour.  Usually for those with small contour problems that does not necessarily needs surgery.
  • Body tight – This is an adjunct to a surgical liposuction that really improves skin tone and contraction.  Some may not need any tummy tuck or arm tuck with this option.
  • Muscle augmentation – pectoral (male chest) augmentation, biceps, triceps and calf augmentation.

Dr. Arnold Angeles is one of Novasans’ esteemed Plastic Surgery Partners. View his profile here, and contact him directly here.


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