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Plastic Surgery, IVF, Dentistry & Bariatric Surgery in Cancún, Mexico with My Medical Vacations

With staggering prices on elective surgeries in the US, more Americans and Canadians turn for assistance abroad. With its proximity, affordable procedures and service level, Mexico has turned out to be one of the main destinations for American and Canadian medical travel. Novasans got an exclusive interview with one of its partner medical facilitators, a fairly new player in the Mexican medical tourism industry who is rapidly gaining attention; My Medical Vacations.

What is My Medical Vacations?

My Medical Vacations is a medical tourism agency based in Cancun, Mexico. We represent a solution for international patients that are seeking high quality medical attention, safety and great aftercare for an affordable price. All of our programs (plastic surgery, fertility treatments, dentistry and bariatric surgery), were designed to satisfy the needs of the most demanding clients.

How long has My Medical Vacations been in business?

1 year operating. The staff however has more than 15 years combined of experience in the medical tourism field.


My medical vacations mexico

A patient with one of My Medical Vacations’ professional doctors

My Medical Vacations offers treatments and procedures in Mexico. What kind of treatments/procedures is My Medical Vacations specialized in?

Like I mentioned before, at this stage we are offering Plastic/cosmetic surgery, Non-surgical cosmetic procedures, DentistryBariatric surgery and fertility treatments. We are developing new programs for other specialties and they will be available at the beginning of 2014.

Which hospitals and clinics does My Medical Vacations collaborate with and where in Mexico are they located?

We have handpicked the most modern facilities. Right now, we are working with Hospital Americano and with specialized clinics like Dentaris, Victoria Clinic and Fertility Center in Cancun.

Where do most of My Medical Vacations patients come from?

Most of our patients come from USA and Canada. We also receive patients from UK, Australia, Northern Europe, Caribbean Islands and South Africa.


My medical vacations mexico

Consultation Room

Do all of My Medical Vacations’ doctors speak English?

All of them have  fluent conversational and written English.

Does My Medical Vacations offer translators in other languages as well?

We offer translation for French, Italian and German speaking patients.

Apart from medical services, does My Medical Vacations offer patients additional services, such as accommodation, transportation, tours etc.?

All of our packages include all the ground transfers, daily nurse visits and personalized service from our medical concierge staff. In addition to that, other services like tours, sightseeing, spa, beauty salon and other non-surgical treatments (Botox, hyaluronic acid and plasma) can be booked with us. Being a one stop shop, has been one of the favorite aspects of our company to our happy patients.

my medical vacations mexico plastic surgery, bariatric surgery, fertility treatment dentistry in mexico.

Are you interested in receiving a FREE PRICE QUOTATION from My Medical Vacations’ experts on your surgery or procedure in Mexico, contact My Medical Vacations today!

What are the cost savings to be expected when having a plastic surgery, a dental treatment, a bariatric surgery or IVF in Mexico instead of in for instance the US?

Savings can go from 50% to 80% depending on the treatments (s) that they choose. We also have to compare this with prices of Physicians in US that have the same experience, skills and qualifications that our surgeons here in Mexico. They are all board certified, members of multiple associations with many years of experience and impeccable records. One of our associate physicians for example is actually a professor of the medical faculty in Louisiana State University. This is the level that we offer and promote.


My medical vacations mexico

One of My Medical Vacations’ concierge staff with a patient on-site in Mexico

When an international patient contacts My Medical Vacations for a treatment/procedure in Mexico; how is the patient handling process done, from the first inquiry to the recovery back home?

We understand that traveling abroad for medical care is a tough decision. This is why all of the requests we receive are handled by our MEDICAL CONSULTANT Staff. The role of this position is primary. They have thorough training in the different medical specialties, so in many ways the patients are talking to experts. They become the bridge between the physicians and the potential patient. Their job is to assist them at all times with responses for the inquiries in less than 24 hours. They gather all the information needed from the patient so the doctors can make the most informed decision based in what is best for the patient. Once the patient is approved for surgery or treatment, the medical consultant assists them with the logistics, traveling arrangements, organization and scheduling.

Once the patient arrives, the MEDICAL CONCIERGE are in charge of all the on-site services, like transportation, appointments, translation and other details like last minute shopping for personal products, stops at the store, etc. Basically they become the patient’s personal assistance during their whole stay.

After surgery or treatment, our staff of registered nurses will visit them every day to make sure that their recovery is going on the right direction.

Every procedure has different minimum days of recovery in the destination. For example, liposculpture procedures require a minimum stay of 7 days post op and dental veneers a minimum of 5 days. This will ensure the initial recovery period.  And after that time they are ready to fly back home.

Our Medical consultants keep close communication with the patients even when they get back home to make sure everything is ok. We genuinely care for our patients so their wellbeing is a priority for us at My Medical Vacations.


My medical vacations mexico

Clinic waiting room

Can a patient receive a general estimated price quote for his/her procedure before traveling to Mexico with My Medical Vacations?

All of our patients know their final price and what is included before they travel to Mexico. It’s important as nobody likes surprises.

Lastly, as a patient seeking IVF, plastic surgery, obesity surgery or dentistry in Mexico, why should I choose to travel with My Medical Vacations?

Medical tourism is a booming industry; however in many cases and regions, it is still developing. Understanding the patient needs is the key to succeed and our main focus, this is why people trust us. With a staff that has successfully managed over 800 cases; we provide a personalized service that exceeds our patient’s expectations.

My Medical Vacations has the perfect combination between medical and hospitality services and our patients enjoy this on a daily basis.

my medical vacations mexico plastic surgery, bariatric surgery, fertility treatment dentistry in mexico.

Are you interested in receiving a FREE PRICE QUOTATION from My Medical Vacations’ experts on your surgery or procedure in Mexico, contact My Medical Vacations today!


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